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By an anonymous user: Villagers should be able to craft items. Villagers should also be able to open chests, like the ones in their houses. Additionally, they could pick up items to attack, and use any items.

By TheUserNamedT: Villagers would occasionally stoop down to pet an untamed cat, like the ones seen around the villages. They only do this during their wandering times on their schedule, not while working, gossiping, or sleeping. Baby Villagers are more likely to pet cats than adults.

By Antonio bluregard. Villagers should be able to form friendships with players. This would be done in a small behind-the-scenes friendship system from -20 to 20, with -20 meaning the villager and player are enemies, 0 meaning the villager and player are strangers, and 20 meaning the villager and player are best friends. Friendship would yield many benefits, including insane discounts like 90% off for a level 20 friendship. Friendship would also yield many drawbacks, including insane markups like 90% up for a negative level 20 friendship.

By Alumbulum. Mayor. A Mayor will spawn in a village with at least fifteen doors, fifteen villagers, and twenty beds. He will ring the bell in the morning to wake villagers - once the last zombie is dead, or at tick 00010. If there is no manager, villagers will wake up at tick 02000. They will also attempt to ring the bell in a raid. He has his own building with six large chests. 3 of the chests contain trading items that the villagers will collect when they get a job, 1 chest contains emeralds, and the other two chests contain items the villagers have collected from their jobs (mostly farming stuff). The Mayor keeps track of the chests and will tell the iron golem if you steal from them.

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