Updated Scorpion
By Zomboss
Health Points 10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart10px-Heart
Attack Strength Easy:10px-Heart

Normal:10px-Heart10px-Half Heart


Poison:PoisonedHalfHeart (Each 2 seconds)

Drops Poison Gland (0-1)
Spawn On solid blocks at a light level of 7.

On desert Biomes at any light level.

First Appearance 4th February 2012
Network ID scorpio
Experience Points 6

[view][talk] Scorpions are Neutral Mobs that will attack you using their claws, or by using their venomous tail. The poison of Scorpions is different than a Cave Spiders, as it will deal 10px-Half Heart per 2 seconds and will slow the players movement. There is another specimen of Scorpions which has the exact same color as dirt, but it keeps its red-orange glowing eyes. Scorpions have 25% of chance of spawning as dirt Scorpions


Scorpions are considered to be dangerous melee fighters, espiecially on Hard, but Iron Armor -Only Iron- can Decrease the damage and negate the poison's effect. Also, Scorpions have a weaker than average health which means one critical strike from a Diamond Sword will take them out.

==Death Text <Player Name> Didn't check their shoes

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