Created by:Block builder
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable? Yes (64)
Tool Used IronPick
Blast Resistance 15
Obeys Physics? Yes
Luminosity N/A
Transparency N/A
Quartz is a type of ore that looks like coal but instead of black spots, the spots are a yellowy-gold colour. Quartz can easily be mined out with any kind of pic axe. Its usage is if you see a Quartz block, that means that there is gold near by (which means these blocks are only found underground unless brought up). It can be used to craft many things.

Stuff you can craft it withEdit

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  • If you see it then that means that there is gold near by.
  • Tools made from it can mine anything in 1 hit
  • Swords made from it can 1-hit kill any mob/player.
  • is most durable and stronger than diamond
  • can be enchanted(corrected con)
  • is the third stronger tool, having the first as bedrock and second as obsidian.


  • It can olny be mined with picaxes (which is not that much of a problem)(corrected).

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