Health Points 40 10px-Heartx20
Attack Strength 8 10px-Heartx4
Drops Coal 0-4
Spawn From spawners on top of Sun Pillars
Network ID Phoenix
Experience Points 10

[view][talk] The phoenix is a hostile flying mob that spawns from Mob Spawners located on top of Sun Pillars. Phoenixes attack by dropping burning eggs. It will drop these explosive eggs once the phoenix is directly on top of the player. The phoenix moves non-stop. The phoenix burns wood and leaves that are in its way. Once it touches water, it will take immense damage, about 8 hearts. Also, if you make contact with one, you will lose 2 hearts. The iron sword becomes worn off 2 times than normal, due to the phoenix melting it.


  • The true story of phoenixes states that they will revive in a flaming dance, but these phoenixes don't.