Once an Olph steals one of your items and gets away with it, it makes a quick base and hides there. However, the more items it takes, the more comfortable the Olph gets to the hideout, and expands upon it. Your items are stored in one (or more if the snot has stolen more than 54 items) of the chests.

Tier 1 (Hideout)Edit

1.1: Base made of random clay, wood, dirt, gravel, sand, and stone. (1 item stolen)

1.2: Removes sand, dirt, and gravel, replacing pit with wooden planks, and makes a door. (3 items stolen)

1.3: Removes roof and makes a new shape. (5 items stolen)

1.4: Most of the hideout is now wooden planks. (8 items stolen)

Tier 2 (Base)Edit

2.1: Two more houses, gravel road, campfire, and unfinished upgrade of main house. (1212 items stolen)

2.2: All houses upgraded, most noticeably the main house. (1586 items stolen)

2.3: Adds signs, cobblestone on main house turns mossy. (39 items stolen)

2.4: Secondary house upgraded visually (2511 items stolen)

Tier 3 (Village)Edit

3.1: adds a second floormat to the main house, replaces torch with glowstone post. (32 items)


  • Olph hideouts are much uncommon in multiplayer, since they have more people torch steal items and such from.