Health Points (20) 10px-HeartX10
Attack Strength 10px-Heart10px-Half Heart, steals items
Drops Torch (0-1)

Sugar Cane (1-2) Any stolen items.

Spawn At a light level of 7 or lower and inside an Olph Hideout.
Rare Drops olph
Experience Points 4

[view][talk] Olphs - small humanoid creatures with a devillish smile. They like to eat torches and sugar canes. You can exploit their weakness to minecarts, though. If they see one, they rush to get inside and start to ride. You can make a clever trap for them. The worst thing, unluckily, is that they love to steal items from you. They stalk from behind. Luckily, their laugh can betray their position, giving you a chance to attack them before they steal. If Olph steals something from you, you can retrieve it by killing him.


When near a group of olphs, always have backup weapons, so that if it takes one you can switch to another one. when you anger them, they steal a random item and damage you, back up, and repeat, making them hard to defeat in a pack. The best way to destroy them would be to pick them off with a bow or with a minecart trap.

Olph GrindersEdit

Olph grinders can be used to get an almost infinite amount of sugar cane and torches.