Feel free to ad any ideas you would like for new redstone mechanics.

Here is the list so far:

  • Selective Hoppers that only intake a certain item (crafted from hopper and the item you want it to intake) - Note: the item isn't consumed when crafting, similar to how in vanilla minecraft that using lava as a fuel for a furnace doesn't consume the bucket.
  • Selective Hopper Recipe:
[empty] item that is selected [empty]
[empty] hopper [empty]
[empty] [empty] [empty]
  • Redstone Ore can conduct a redstone signal in the exact way that redstone dust does, except it doesn't conduct through multiple redstone ore blocks.
  • Powered Pistons/Powered Sticky Pistons, which the front face of the piston arm acts as a block of redstone, powering any other redstone-compatible blocks
  • Powered Piston/Sticky Piston Recipe:
[empty] piston/sticky [empty]
[empty] redstone dust [empty]
[empty] [empty] [empty]
  • Infinity Dispenser Mechanic, that releases infinite snowballs/regular arrows. Works in a similar way with (1.15) empty bottles being filled when the dispenser's face is in contact with water.
  • Use redstone to power armor stands to throw snowballs, use bows, tridents, eggs, and fishing rods - Note: It can actually fish with the rods
  • Synchronizer (syncs redstone machines to keep them going infinitely)
  • Synchronizer Recipe
r. stone torch [empty] r. stone torch
i. ingot r. stone dust i. ingot
[empty] g. ingot [empty]
  • Synchronized Levers
  • Synchronized Levers recipe
lever [empty] lever
iron nugget stone iron nugget
[empty] gold nugget [empty]
  • Powered Blocks (redstone + any non-redstone block. they conduct a redstone signal, and work as blocks.) Note - You can tell if they are powered when you hold redstone in your hand, and show a red outline. Works in a similar fashion with barrier blocks, which you can see if you hold a barrier block.
  • Powered Blocks Recipe:
[empty] [empty] [empty]
[empty] any solid non-redstone block or leaves [empty]
[empty] redstone dust [empty]
  • Portal Lever Opens and closes nether portal
  • Portal Lever Recipe:
[empty] [empty] [empty]
[empty] blaze rod [empty]
[empty] flint and steel [empty]
  • Lever Recipe gives you three levers instead of just one.
  • Mob Observer (Observer + Spider Eye) Note - Works like a normal observer but observes mobs instead.
  • Mob Observer Recipe
[empty] [empty] [empty]
[empty] spider eye [empty]
[empty] observer [empty]
  • Motion Activated Dispenser (Mob Observer + Dispenser + 3 Iron Bars in a T shape) Note- Acts as a dispenser that follows hostile mobs
  • Motion Activated Dispenser Recipe
iron bars Mob Observer iron bars
[empty] Dispender [empty]
[empty] iron bars [empty]
  • Autocrafter (Normal Hopper recipe with a crafting table in the middle and in either corner on the bottom the item that you want the autocrafter to craft) Note- The item that you want it to craft will not be consumed when you make the autocrafter
  • Autocrafter Recipe:
i. ingot crafting table i. ingot
i. ingot i. ingot i. ingot
item to craft i. ingot [empty]
  • Hologram (When you put any non-block non-potion item into the hologram's inventory, it will display that item as a slowly spinning hologram. When you put a mob skull, it displays that mob. When you put a potion, it displays that potion's particle effects) Note- If you craft it with any stained glass, the holograms will be displayed in the corresponding color. This is not true for potion particles, though.
  • Hologram Crafting Recipe:
stone any color glass stone
stone redstone lamp stone
stone diamond stone
  • Wire (2 redstone dust + 1 silk makes one wire; works in the same way as redstone dust, but can be placed vertically and on the bottom of blocks)
  • Wire Recipe
[empty] [empty] r. stone dust
[empty] silk [empty]
r. stone dust [empty] [empty]
  • Mob Heads for every type of mob (When powered by redstone, they play the sounds of the corresponding mob, and are displayed as a mob in hologram form when their head is inserted into the hologram block's inventory.

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 11.27.30 AM.png

  • Redstone Chronometer - An easier, more compact way of creating redstone clocks. It's appearance resembles the repeater and comparator, but looks slightly different to tell it apart. It can be set to many different options, having a visible meter that, when clicked on, can go up to a maximum delay of 17 ticks, and a minimum delay of 5 ticks. The higher amount of ticks that the delay will be, the more the meter is filled up. Exceeding 17 ticks will reset it back to 5 ticks. The clock will produce a secondhand signal when activated by another signal.
  • End Dust - End dust is mainly used in crafting recipes, but can be placed on the ground like normal redstone dust. Although the signal isn't as strong as redstone dust, it can receive redstone signals that aren't in contact up to 7-9 blocks away. It can be used with repeaters and other redstone mechanisms, but in order to send the signal back to redstone, it needs to be put in a repeater. This can be useful for seperating signals and making mechanisms and machines more compact.
    Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 11.43.13 AM.png
  • Motion Censor - A block that detects motion up to 10 blocks away, with an expand-ing radius of up to 5 blocks once far away. It can be crafted with 4 stone, 1 redstone dust, 1 glass block and 2 end dust. It emits a redstone signal once motion is detected, which can be used for traps and automatic light systems.

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 11.52.43 AM.png

  • Ender Torch - Works like a regular redstone torch, with slight advantages. It can emit a weak redstone signal up to 5-7 blocks away, making way for wireless redstone. It can be used also in other crafting recipes.
  • Transmitter / Receiver - Transmitters send wireless redstone signals that are picked up by receivers. Both are their own separate blocks. Now, wireless redstone is a true possibility. When activated, the transmitter can be programmed to send a signal to a specific receiver that you can name, otherwise it is named for you. When the receiver obtains the signal, it releases its own wired redstone signal that is used for wireless redstone. Both blocks have their own GUIs, and you can create as many signals as imaginable. Both crafting recipes involve ender torches.
  • redstone neutron detector-A device capable of detecting errors in redstone builds using ion configuration, which detects neutrons( particles that are not charged like protons)The uncharged particles mean that the redstone will not work, as neutrons will not help in sending the redstone signal using electricity.It is crafted with 1 neptunium, 2 iron ingots, 2 redstone, and one iron bar.It can also work as a device which can connect far apart redstone dust, because neptunium is ductile.
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