Creeper Ghasts are Ghast-like mobs whom have a Creeper texture and shoot bombs which cause an explosion when they make contact with a block. They will detect and begin attacking you when you are one hundred and fifty blocks in whatever direction they are looking. When they get too close to you (around ten blocks away,) they explode violently. It should note that they cannot be charged.

Creeper Ghast
Health Points 10px-Heart x 9
Attack Strength Bomb: 10px-Heart x 5 1/2

Explosion: 10px-Heart x 48 1/2

Drops 2-4 Gunpowder

1-2 Fire Charge

Spawn Bottom Parts of the Nether (In a 5x5x5 space)

Nether Fortress Exterior

Network ID GhastCreeper
Rare Drops 0-1 Diamond
Experience Points 40


Made By DaPeaShoota


They will float around in a similar way to Ghasts, but do not make any noise, making it difficult to locate one. They will home in on you slowly when seen and will shoot without warning. They make a "ting!" sound when killed. When they have taken damage, you will only hear the damage sound. They are usually grouped in packs of 2-4 and with a Ghast pack of 1-3.

They cannot see you through any type of blocks, no matter how transparant, except air blocks. Their bombs can destroy anything except Netherbrick, Obsidian and Spawners. If you get near them, they will have the sizzle and 'change' color to show they are about to explode, but you have roughly five seconds to get away. They will have no cooldown before imploding again and they can still shoot bombs. They may hurt other mobs, but their only exception is destroying you.

Fighting Creeper GhastsEdit

Some ProsEdit

  • Their green texture is very easy to see in the Nether.
  • You'll only see them near the fortresses, so you can expect one.
  • Surprisingly, you can deflect their bombs and 1-hit KO them.

Some ConsEdit

  • They move around quite a bit, making it difficult to get some types of items (for instance, a Diamond.)
  • Their bombs will cover quite a big area, so it is not surprising to die from splash damage.
  • Their explosions are almost impossible to survive, so it would not be wise to take any chances just to obtain some Diamonds.