The Frost is a mob that is the direct opposite of the Blaze. It is a mob found in the Aether.

Health Points 20 hearts
Attack Strength Snowball:1 heart (easy), 3 hearts (normal), 5 hearts and frozen for 5 seconds (hard)

Contact: 2 hearts (easy), 4 hearts (normal), 6 hearts and being frozen for 5 seconds (hard)

Drops 1-6 snowballs

0-1 Frost Rod

Spawn The Aether Fortress at a light level of 11 or below.
First Appearance Aether mod Version 1.5
Network ID Aetherblaze
Rare Drops Ice
Experience Points 10



The Frost is the Aether equivalent of Blazes. It's behaviour is almost identical to the Nether mob Blaze, except for it's drops and attacks.


Frosts can be found anywhere in the Aether Fortress. You can fight them the same way as Blazes, except that they are vulnerable to fire and lava.


1. Unlike Blazes, Frosts can be found anywhere in the Aether Fortress, instead of only from spawners.

SMP death messageEdit

(victim) was frozen stiff by Frost (snowballs).

(victim) got frostbitten. (contact)