This is a page for new food ideas! If you have an idea, please add them to the list!!

  • Oranges: similar to apples
  • Pears: similar to apples
  • Blueberries: similar to sweet berries
  • Raspberries: similar to sweet berries
  • Diamond Pears: crafted by surrounding a pear with 8 diamonds. When eaten, gives Regeneration 3, Speed 3 and Resistance 3 for 5 minutes
  • Salad: Crafted from any combination of 3 vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc..). Increases the effectiveness of all meat based food items after eating.
  • Dragon Fruit: Dropped by the Enderdragon. Permanently gives the player three purple hearts, increasing the players hp from 20 to 26. Can only be used once
  • Pigman Steak: Crafted by placing cooked pork chops on soul campfires. Can be used to tame Piglins for 10 minutes. Tamed Piglins will follow you and fight for you.
  • Omlet:Created by 'heating' an egg in a furnace.(like other food items,it will cook faster in a smoker)
Name Effects Crafting/Obtaining Creator
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