The Ender Particle is the ammo used for Ender-rifles. They can drop from Ender-Soldiers, in Ender Chests of Ender-fortress Armories and crafting Ender Pearls with Fire Charges.


E= Ender Pearls, F= Fire Charge

[it actually doesn't matter as long as the two items are in the crafting grid]

[E] [F] [ ]

[ ] [ ] [ ]

[ ] [ ] [ ]


Type: weapon/ ammo

cataclyst: Ender-rifle

Found: Ender-Soldier drops, Ender Chests and crafting.

Stackable: yes (10)


Must be used with Ender-rifles, it can only stack up to 10, so keep your inventory clear when you're using it. When fired at midair or a block, the projectile will go straight until it hits something. If you aim it at a mob or player, the projectile will follow the target, or goes out of control if the target was killed before impact. Its explosion cannot destroy blocks, so no worries about accidentaly destroy your house. The Ender Particle can be deflected back to you just like a Ghast fireball, so be careful when shooting Skeletons and other players with it.


  1. If you shoot the Ender-particle at a Ghast fireball, both projectiles will be destroyed.
  2. Explaining trivia no. 1: Setboth projectiles as A and B, A will explode to deflect B, but B also exploded to deflect A, so the result is, A and B destroyed each other while deflecting the other.
  3. This also occurs if an Ender-Particle is shot into another.
  4. Hitting it with your fist as soon as it was fired will cause the game to crash.
  5. In SMP, if a player was killed by an Ender-Particle (deflected or shot by player or Ender-soldier), the game will say: "[Player] was fireballed by Ghast." This is because shot Ender-particle shares the same ID as shot Ghast fireballs.