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Name Tool Effect Level required Creator
Aqua Slash IronSword.png Does more damage to mobs with a weakness to water, like Endermen. Level 6 Chanieman
Backstabber IronSword.png Does twice as much damage when you attack from behind. Level 12
Blow IronSword.png Sword has a 25% chance to blow the enemy away to two blocks, sweep edge is useful with this. Its a 45% chance when doing a critical hit. This is useful when running away. Level 26 Vrylle201
Corruption IronSword.png Striking someone with a Corruption Sword inflicts the Corrupt Effect upon the player. The Corrupt Effect induces Blindness II, Weakness, and Slowness. Corruption II raises all of the effect levels by one. Levels 37 and 45 CrispyPlop
Death IronSword.png Instantly kills any mob upon contact, but cause the sword to break 10 times faster. Also doesn't work on bosses. Level 50
Dual wielder IronSword.png When you have this in your offhand you will deal the same amount of damage -50% of the sword you have in your offhand with your right hand Level 35 Joke500
Evil IronSword.png Mobs don't attack you besides endermen, creepers, and the Ender Dragon Level 60
Frenzy IronSword.png Mobs hit have a chance to attack other mobs nearby. No affect on passive mobs. Level 18
Hallowed IronSword.png Makes the sword swing faster. Level 1
Launching IronSword.png Like knockback, but upwards instead. Other names for it could be Flinging or Yeeting. (Yeeting was a joke) Level 10 AlexTheDolphin0
Leech IronSword.png Some of the damage done to the mob will transmit into the user's health. Level 10 Chanieman
Notched IronSword.png On Hit: Causes mob to bleed for 7 seconds.

On Miss: Hit yourself, idiot.

Level 25
Predator IronSword.png Hit mobs glow, and are visible through walls at any light level. They only glow to the wielder of the sword. Level 15
Silk Touch IronSword.png Silk touch can now be applied to swords! Killing a mob will give you the item variant of the mob and can be placed down in a different place afterwards Level 20 Joke500
Soothe IronSword.png Chance for the affected mob to not retaliate until hit again. Passive animals will not run away. Level 18
Terror IronSword.png Any mob hit by the sword has a chance to run away, hostile or not. Level 18
Trickster IronSword.png Makes it so the sword is invisible to other players therefore, making you look like you are punching with your fist from other player’s perspectives. Also makes the

player invisible to other players (and not mobs) for 5 seconds upon killing a player (again, not a mob).

Level 20 (only available in multiplayer) Joke500
Intimidation Sword of any type Adds a extra button at the bottem for bedrock edition players and right clicking for Java players. When clicked the sword will become bloody and nearby mobs will run away in a 5 block radius(except players or mobs above 30 hearts) until you press again to remove the blood. Comes with a intimidation II that doesn’t cost blood each time you use(still needs blood in inventory to work). To get you need to put blood on the respective sword in a anvil to get(see more about blood on my page). To get intimidation II you need to combine 1 eternal blood with a intimidation 1 sword in a anvil. Joke500
Unsheathing IronSword.png When you are attacked, it swaps your current hotbar slot for your sword with Unsheathing. Level 18
Vampire’s Bite IronSword.png Has a chance to add health (thats equivalent to the damage you deal -2 hearts) back to the attacker Additionally killing a mob will add 2.5 hearts back. Comes with a lvl 2 variant where you also have a 10% chance to steal the enemies effects(only good ones) 25(lvl 1)

40(lvl 2)

Revenant GoldenSword.png Undead mobs hit die instantly. Level 30
Flame II Bow.png Flame enchantment remains the same but is renamed Flame I. Flame II has the same qualities as Flame I but ignites the block that it hits. Level 25
Homing Bow.png Arrows follow the closest target within 2 x enchantment level blocks. Goes up to Homing V Level 20
Multishot Bow.png Multishot can now be put on bows!

Can now go up to Multishot V

Level 9
Quantum Flight Bow.png Arrows travel instantly Level 25 AlexTheDolphin0
Tension Bow.png Draw a Bow faster Level 1
Trueshot Bow.png Arrows are not affected by gravity Level 15 AlexTheDolphin0
Target lock Ender pearl and bow Can lock onto a certain place and can be fired at that place without having to aim again. Level 10 Joke500
Blessed IronSword.pngBow.png 50% Chance when used on Undead Mobs to kill them instantly. Level 20
Breaching IronSword.pngBow.png A chance to Breach through a shield Level 10
Cursing IronSword.pngBow.png Applies a random negative effect on hit. The number of seconds it is applied for is 5 x the enchantment level and the level of the effect is the same as the enchantment level. Has a chance of 5% x enchantment level to apply a second effect! Goes up to Cursing IV. Level 13
Hunter IronSword.pngBow.png Does extra damage to animals. Level 4
Venomfang IronSword.pngBow.png Poisons the target for 10px-Heart.png10px-Heart.png10px-Heart.png10px-Heart.png of poison damage over 8 seconds. Level 14
Breath of the Ocean Turtleshell.png Gives the player Unlimited water breathing. Level 55
Absorption IronChestplate.png Chance for no damage to be taken to the wearer. It only applies to non-environmental attacks. Stagger still applied. Level 15
Reflection IronChestplate.png Slight chance for all damage to hurt the dealing entity. Only applies to non-environmental attacks. Stagger still applied. Level 30
Blinding Lights IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Hostile mobs will run 5 blocks away for each level, and the player emits light at nighttime. Level 20
Vitality IronChestplate.png 20% chance for the armor to heal the wearer to max health should they fall below 2 hearts. Level 12
Angelic IronBoots.png Does not disable sprinting when below 6 hunger points Level 15 Joke500
Deft Movement IronBoots.png Mob detection range is decreased if sneaking. Level 15
Fire Walker IronBoots.png Makes it so when you go near lava magma blocks would place in the place of the lava. Does not work on flowing lava but you will not take damage from it. Also makes it so when standing on ice will melt the ice and will leave some water behind. Putting a special enchantment

book (dropped by the wither) on a a anvil with boots will give you the enchant

Flight IronBoots.png Allows you to fly Level 27
Speed IronBoots.png Makes the wearer move faster. (up to III, allowing for 2x movement speed) Level 8
Vigor IronBoots.png Makes Sprinting consume less hunger. Level 7
Attraction IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Any nearby players in a 5-10 block radius is looking at you the player can’t move or face anywhere else for 10 seconds. It will then have a 5 minute cooldown. Level 25 Joke500
Bulletproof IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Adds a chance to not take damage from ranges attacks, increases by 20% each level to a maximum of 4. I-Level 10

II-Level 20

III-Level 25

IV-Dropped by skeletons 10% ch(ance)

Closed Wounds IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Speeds up health Regeneration 2x, and allows health regeneration when regeneration is otherwise stunted. Level 16
Conductor IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Wearer has protection against lightning. Can go up to IV. Levels 6, 12, 18, 24 CrispyPlop
Explosion IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Can explode. Level 10
Scorching Skin?(name by DINOGURU) IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Whenever someone hits you they will be lit on fire. Level 25 Joke500
Full Armor IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png A 20%x Level chance to block all damage.

Goes up to Full Armor IV

Level 28
Good IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Villagers and passive mobs will actually come to you Level 30 Joke500
Growth IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Makes it so you get a extra half a heart for every armor (with this enchant) on. When a full set is equipped you will also be given strength I when you are below 3.5 hearts. Level 8
Guardians IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Makes it so every time a mob or player hits you a wolf will spawn. The wolf will automatically attack the mob or player who hit you. The wolf will disappear if killed or the mob or player who hit you dies. The higher the level the faster, more damage and more health it has. At level 1 it has normal stats as a normal tamed wolf. At level 2 it will have a 10% buff to its initial stats. At level 3 it will have a 25% buff to its initial stats (does not stack). I - 20 levels

II - 25 levels

III - very rare drop from any hostile mob

Blow IronSword.png Sword has a 25% chance to blow the enemy away to two blocks, sweep edge is useful with this. Its a 45% chance when doing a critical hit. This is useful when running away. Goes up to level III. Level 26 Vrylle201
Heart of the Storm IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png When a player or mob kills you, you will gain strength, spawn in the same place as you died, gain all your items back and strikes the player or mob who killed you with a deadly armor piercing lightning bolt that does half of the remaining hp it has no matter what. In hardcore you will still be able to respawn. Once it is used it

chooses a random piece of armor you have with the enchantment and down grades it or removes it.

I - 30 levels

II - Rare drop from a drowned

Sixth Sense IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png When wearing a full set of armor with the "Sixth Sense" enchantment, it shows all nearby mobs through walls and at any light level. When not wearing a full set there is no effect. Level 10
Suicide Suit IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png When a piece of armor is destroyed, it explodes. (You lose 10px-Heart.png10px-Heart.png10px-Heart.png.) Level 12 Dr Edgar Zomboss
Sparkle IronPick.png Regular Stone has a 2% chance to not drop as stone, but as an Ingot. Level 20
Lumber Chop IronAxe.png Harvesting wood will cause it to fall the same way Cacti does. Level 9 Dr Edgar Zomboss
Sky Strike IronSword.pngIronAxe.png Strikes mob/player hit with weapon with lightning Level 30 CrispyPlop
Soulstrike IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png When a hostile mob is nearby while you have 5 or fewer hearts you can pass through walls. At its max level, level V, you can pass through walls anytime. Level 30 storylime_GGBOYS
Multimine IronPick.pngIronAxe.pngIronShovel.png Mines more blocks

Goes up to Multimine III

Level 21
Length IronPick.pngIronAxe.pngIronShovel.png Increases the reach. Level 15 Joke500
Smelting Touch IronPick.pngIronAxe.pngIronShovel.png Automatically smelts any blocks mined. Level 20 AlexTheDolphin0
Telekinesis IronSword.pngIronPick.png


Broken blocks/Killed Mobs' drops go straight into your inventory Level 24
Deflection IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.pngIronSword.pngIronPick.png


When applied to a piece of armor it will have a 25% chance (stacks with other pieces of armor up to a maximum of 75%) to reflect a projectile back to the enemy (guaranteed to hit the enemy). When applied to a tool when sneaking with the tool it will have a 60% chance to reflect back to the enemy (with a 80% chance of hitting the enemy). Level 30 Joke500
Rocket IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.pngIronSword.pngIronPick.png


makes it so if you're using a tool it's faster and a sword you can throw and armor full set allows you to Fly for 30 seconds Level 15
Zeroshock IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.pngIronSword.pngIronPick.png


Attacking a mob/a mob attacking you shocks them for a while. (Paralysis, in other words.) LVL 5(2sec) LVL 43(5 sec)
Neptune's Tide Trident-0.png Makes it so you can toggle the riptide enchant(toggle by sneaking)(even if you don’t have the enchant applied yet) Level 10
Energy Absorption Shield.png If you are at 10px-Heart.png10px-Heart.png10px-Heart.png or below, every hit that the shield takes will heal you by 10px-Half Heart.png. However, this takes an extra 27 durability out of the shield each time. Level 8 Thundercat3
Hardened Shield.png Axes no longer disable a shield. Has a Hardened II variant that ignores the Shield Breach enchantment Level 6 Joke500
Protection Shield.png Protection can now be applied to shields! Shields block more damage Level 5 Joke500
Retaliation I Shield.png If the shield blocks an attack, the attacker is knocked back a little more. Also comes in a Retaliation II variant that knocks enemies back further. Level 4 / 12 Thundercat3
Spiked Shield.png Like thorns for armor, but for shields instead.

Goes up to Spiked III

Level ?
Raging Fire I FlintAndSteel.png When you light the Flint and Steel, the fire starts out raging 2 blocks high, and simmers down to one block in a few seconds. While it's raging, it will knock back any player or mob who touches it, and deal 2 damage. Also comes in variant of Raging Fire II, which will make it 2.5 blocks high, knock enemies back farther, and deal 3 damage. Level 5 / 15 Thundercat3
Soul Spark FlintAndSteel.png When you light the Flint and Steel, it lights things with Soul Fire instead of normal Fire, doing twice as much damage, and giving off less light. Level 12 Thundercat3
Fortune I Shears.png Works like normal Fortune, except it can now be applied to this appliance. This makes it so sheep give 2-4 wool. Also comes in variants of Fortune II (2-6 wool) and Fortune III (3-7 wool). Other uses include making 5, 6, or 7 seeds come out of a pumpkin when you carve it, instead of 4, and allowing apples and saplings to drop from trees at a rate of 3%, 5%, or 7%, despite the shears. Level 5 / 12 / 20 Thundercat3
Faulting Any When an item breaks, The crafting materials fall on the ground. If enchanted, it will enchant a book in your inventory when you pick the items up. If the item has Telekinesis, the Crafting ingredients will go directly into you inventory. Level 65
Dragon Soul Any Any item in your inventory automatically gets this enchantment when the ender dragon dies. The equipped item does not degrade, and returns to your inventory if you die and is not destroyed. Removes all pre-existing enchantments and cannot be enchanted with anything else. N/A
Butter Power Any
Will add 5 durability to the item. Level 19
Angel's Blessing Totemundying.png Has Multiple uses. +1 use per level Level 53 AlexTheDolphin0
Chainfire Tnt.png Will ignite any tnt near it then any tnt near the ones that got ignited by the tnt and so fourth. Reduces lag by removing explosion particles. Level 10 Joke500
Nether’s Fury Tnt.png Makes it so that when exploded will set nearby blocks on fire Level 8 Joke500
Resistance Tnt.png Can’t be blown in a different direction after a tnt near it explodes. Level 5 Joke500
Stronger Tnt.png Has a stronger explosion Level 11
[Name Pending] RespawnAnchor.png Increases the amount of slots by 1 each level. Can go up to III. Level 1(10)

Level 2(15) Level 3(20)

Fire transplate Pickaxe Mining magma blocks with this turns into lava. Level 15 Joke500
Ender glue Eye of Ender Decreases chance of it shattering when thrown. Level 3 Joke500

Curses By T

This is where you publish your curse ideas!

Level Required refers to the level of enchantment that you could get this curse.

Name Tool Effect Level Required Creator
Curse of Shattering Any The thing breaks more quickly, like the opposite of unbreaking. Level 2
Curse of Inaccuracy Bow.png Won't shoot as straight so you won't hit your target. Level 3
Curse of Sliding IronBoots.png Adds ice physics while not on ice. Level 4
Curse of the Cacti IronSword.png The player takes 1 damage when used. (Very rare curse) Level 3
Curse of Boiling IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png When in dry-warm biomes (desert, mesa, any nether biome) your armor will heat up so much that you will be set on fire if you do not take it off. Level 1 Thundercat3
Curse of Voiding IronSword.png When a mob that isn't a player is hit it will send them to the Void instantly killing them but in return you won't get their loot. Level 1
Curse of Weight IronSword.pngIronPick.pngIronAxe.pngIronShovel.png Every 10 seconds of holding a tool has a 10% chance of dropping the tool/weapon. Level 2
Curse of Death IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png A 0.2% chance that you will die every tick Level 3
Curse of Freezing IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Makes it so when you are in a ice or ice spikes biome you will walk 25% slower. Additionally, you will be dealt half a heart of damage every 30 seconds in the biome. Level 2 Joke500
Curse of Anti-Damage Tnt.png Makes it so it won’t do any damage to hostile mobs and neutral mobs but will still damage passive mobs and players. Level 1 Joke500
Curse of Rotting IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png Has a 5% chance to spawn a zombie every 30 seconds Level 2 Joke500
Curse of Time IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png You may be teleported back to a dangerous moment for 3 minutes. Level 5 LiterallyNobody
Curse of Underestimating IronSword.pngIronPick.pngIronAxe.png Makes mobs appear to have 90% less HP, but when a mob is "killed" it just gains invisibility. Level 2
Curse of Greed Sword Mobs killed by this sword will drop 50% more loot but have 25% more hp Level 2 Joke500
Curse of Hope Any tool The tool still appears in the inventory after it is broken but wI’ll have the same effects applied to the tool as a normal fist. Level 3 Joke500
Curse of Bluntness IronSword.png Decreases the damage output from the sword by half a heart. Level 3
Curse of [NAME TAKEN] IronSword.pngIronPick.pngIronAxe.pngIronShovel.png Decreases mining and attack speed of an item Level 3
Curse of Blaze IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png When standing on Netherrack, you are set on fire. Level 12 CrispyPlop
Curse Of Deattaching Anything that can be enchanted Everytime you enchant the item after this enchant gets placed you have a 15% chance to lose a enchant on the item. Level 8 Joke500
Curse of Bean (joke) IronHelmet.pngIronChestplate.pngIronLeggings.pngIronBoots.png 0.001% per game tick to summon the holy bean to come and smite the player, killing them instantly. The armor also auto equips and removes existing armor on enchanting, unless you are wearing curse of binding in the appropriate armor slot, causing the armor piece (with bean) to blow up, dealing 10 damage (5 hearts). Any curse of bean armor also comes with curse of vanishing and binding. Level 5
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