I would like to see this potion that would protect you from all negative status effects, and increase all positive ones

I would call it the potion of immunity

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LocalPlatypus LocalPlatypus 24 February

Why don't we have platypi

Platypi are an amazing creature, and they would fit into Minecraft perfectly. We NEED these

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TheUserNamedT TheUserNamedT 19 March 2020

Lost in Minecraft.

I am lost in my Minecraft world!  How do I make my way home?

I don't have a compass or the materials to make one, but I do have a diamond Pickaxe so if I need to mine for one I don't have to start from scratch.

However, my base isn't near the world spawn, so even if I did have a compass, I'd have to wander a lot to wander around to get there.  I'll probably make a trail from my base to spawn if I can find it.

All I have is 5 tridents, sufficient food, a bunch of miscellaneous supplies, and some minor loot.

What do I do?

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Omtegu Omtegu 6 February 2020

Can you make it so you have to be logged into to edit

People keep swearing, and make vandalism logged out, you can ip ban them but it bans others.

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Alumbulum Alumbulum 5 January 2020


I heard that the Illusioner didn't get into the game because it was too hard. So let's give the Illusioner a secret weakness:

Every time it casts a duplicate, it takes half a durability off the crossbow.

5-7 XP, and drops the Handbook of Inscriptions. The Handbook of Inscriptions allows you to read all the enchantments that you can use of any chosen weapon. There will be an optional slot in the enchantment table, where you can put your HOI in there so that when you over an enchantment, it will display the meaning, like in Creative mode.

I know the 'secret weakness' is not much of a weakness at all, but it will be worth it!

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Suspiciously Young Boomer Suspiciously Young Boomer 14 October 2019

Ah, hell.

On the 24th of January 2012, I created this wiki as a sort of side-wiki so that me and my friends, who mainly resided in the Plants vs Zombies Wiki would share our Minecraft ideas. Didn't expect it to really go anywhere so after a few months I slowly started losing interest in it until I completely abandoned it.

And now, over 7 years later, well. I certainly didn't expect this wiki to have any new activity, much less be relatively active after all this time. It is actually humbling that this place is somewhat alive and even has some new, albeit few, staff members. It honestly makes me feel guilty that I gave up on this wiki so quickly.

So now I find myself in quite the pickle; as you can see this is not the account I founded the wiki with, w…

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TheUserNamedT TheUserNamedT 13 November 2018

N O .

Someone, with no account, is vandalizing.  I don't know who it is, but there might be more than one.  I try to fix it when I see it, but sometimes it's completely unreadable and so I have no idea what would go there normally.  I have commented on the page of a user who I think is doing it.

Vandalizer, if you are reading this, you are causing me a lot of stress.  Cut it out.

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Rarest of the pepes Rarest of the pepes 16 August 2016

SC Fans

Are you a fan of SC? You should come to the Survivalcraft ideas wiki. ( If I do end up making it )

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Chicken45 Chicken45 16 May 2016

i have a question

who is the admin?

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Lion blaze Lion blaze 25 September 2013


Hello everyone I would like to get know some people on the wiki and also I am wondering is this personal ideas for minecraft wiki? Or is this just mods and stuff that were created because I have some good ideas for mobs and items that are not stupid or not too fan boyish! XD 

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Geoffreyggg Geoffreyggg 6 June 2013

Minor posts

Many of my posts are considered minor posts. I do use it on a daily basis. However I add content every few days. I prefer to make small things on the minecraft ideas wiki. But I have just seen a comment that has boosted my confidence. I now might start making bigger posts.

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CyborgKing CyborgKing 19 December 2012


I think they should add an fridge. They should also put rotten food. It would be like you have to make food when you need to. You have to craft it to stop food from spoiling. Spoiled food restores less hearts. You have to put ice in the fridge everyday to stop the food from spoiling. You can craft it by putting ice In the middle,and iron ingots around it. You cannot put food in chests.

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Lt Colonel Summers Lt Colonel Summers 12 December 2012

PVZCC Vs Minecraft Wiki is under attack!

That wiki is currently under attack of a "Wikia Contributor"! We need to stop him!

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Lt Colonel Summers Lt Colonel Summers 5 December 2012

Minecraft Gamecraft Info Wiki, visit if you want

I have just created a new wiki. It is an informational wiki for fictional things.


You can visit the wiki to help me or just plain hang out if you want to...

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Sillylittlesushi Sillylittlesushi 22 October 2012



And a new video, with other dudes, too.


So yea.


That is all.

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ShutUP Guy14 ShutUP Guy14 24 August 2012

Awezoom server!

Hello guys, I'm failed at making a server now adn all of my server stuff is now packed. BUT I got some friends from Minecraft which got his own server a month ago. Since I've know him 4 long and helps him (by donate). I'm a HeadAdmin there. If you guys want to join the server I'll tell the rules, please obey them to stay on the server.


  1. No Grief
  2. No askin 4 ranks
  3. No abusing rights
  4. Don't be rude
  5. Use your common sense.
  6. No hacking
  7. Don't ask 4 items
  8. Report rulebreaker


  • xXPurplepower2Xx (Owner)
  • Jordster (CO-Owner)
  • Math12831 (HeadAdmin)
  • FrozenCoffee157 [ME] (HeadAdmin)
  • Ninja_Ahoff (Admin)
  • trentoiscool (Admin)
  • An many more....

Ok guys since I'm a Head admin I want to help peoples, so I protect weak peoples from being raided by making my own faction. If …

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TheHerobrineMinion TheHerobrineMinion 24 July 2012


Hi i am here to say something


Can anyone help me please!!??

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Dr Edgar Zomboss Dr Edgar Zomboss 18 July 2012


Due to repetetive asking Message Walls have been enabled. I did it because I do not approve of repetetive asking well enjoy the quick use of it!

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Dr Edgar Zomboss Dr Edgar Zomboss 11 July 2012

Video Commentary

Alright,how's it goin' in the camp everybody! Zomboss here with something a bit new ; I'm making gameplays with commentaries,for the moment 2 videos are uploaded here they are

Note:Watch them only if you don't mind cursing

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Biomance Biomance 28 June 2012


Yes, i have created a wiki that has PvZCC AND PvZ Versing Minecraft Ideas Wikia and Minecraftwiki.net! So who will win? Gardeners, Or Survivers? Join Now!


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ShutUP Guy14 ShutUP Guy14 16 June 2012

Guns and Guns?

Hey there, Shut's here, I'm going to make a poll about guns...

LOL, I think we should add some guns from the WW2 (We shouldn't add modern guns..)

Why? Cuz of TNT was first perpared @ 1863

Or just read this!

I think It's enough for you guys why I want to add WW2 Guns...


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ShutUP Guy14 ShutUP Guy14 5 June 2012

My server

Try it! IP:

Note: If you couldn't connect maybe I'm failed at port-fowarding/ my internet is lack of speed!

Please comment what plugins should I install!


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Jondanger23 Jondanger23 25 May 2012


how do you make those things that give out the main idea of that part of the page.

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ShutUP Guy14 ShutUP Guy14 24 May 2012


Hello guys I think this might be not important... Anyway I think we should not make anything too powerfull!(I have no OFFENSIVE meaning to anyone!) Also we should make creative ideas! Example : Frost is the opposite of Blaze, that's doesn't seem to be a creative idea... (NO OFFENSIVE to Gwy) Well should we start doing this thing?

Tell me your minecraft username and I'll list it here! You can also share some great/awesome server!

  • Chanieman (Himself!)
  • FrozenCoffee157 (ME!)
  • FreakerCamper (Dr Edgar Zomboss)
  • NickelStickman (Hi367)
  • stigham (Jondanger23)
  • Wintersva (CattailsWelove)
  • ResistantPwnage (Minecraft Pro)
  • Sticky10 (Gwy12345)
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Jondanger23 Jondanger23 22 May 2012

ender dragon fail

hey once in minecraft I was fightin enderdragon on hard core than I died

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Jondanger23 Jondanger23 18 May 2012

cool build

in minecraft i built a big castle with lots of blocks.

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Jondanger23 Jondanger23 12 May 2012

cool server must join

hey guys whats cool server name limitlessminecraft ip:

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Jondanger23 Jondanger23 11 May 2012

why no up date

i am angry that minecraft hasnt had an up date in awhile here are some things i want in the next update


2. monkeys

3. fire distroying stone and sand

4.jungle ruins


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Dr Edgar Zomboss Dr Edgar Zomboss 11 May 2012

Funny Models ;)

How's it goin' everybodeh in the camp! Zomboss is here ready to tune you with some funny things!

The best funny model I ever made is this one:

More stuff is coming soon!

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ShutUP Guy14 ShutUP Guy14 12 April 2012

Unwise server owner

Hello guys Shut's here!

I started play Multiplayer mode a few weeks ago. Me and my friends create a faction called Gods. A user named pichu0056 took over my friend leadership, so I decided to disband the faction. The server owner (zaptrem) also is on our faction and get mad when he knows the faction was disbanded. He checked the logs, he find out I was disband the faction (The truth I didn't disband the faction). He destroy my house, my base, took all of my items, and kill me. He abuse anything he has, his right as the owner. I hope you guys understand me...

WARNING HIS SERVER : zaptremworld.servegame.com

I wish I could say this to my friend :

"He destroy everything... =FrzCff157"

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Chanieman Chanieman 21 March 2012

Pigman Knights

So, me and my real-life friend BlueKnightSam have decided to create a co-op youtube channel! currently it only has 2 videos, but we plan an entire playthrough of us! :P



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Ghostmedic1223 Ghostmedic1223 18 March 2012

Guess a Character 2

this is the sequel from my old one.

P.S. this is new

  • "Dude, this is JUST like Team Fortress 2"
  • "Aw, man, that's the Screaming Oak!"
  • "Man, oh, man, I jumped Jimmy Gibbs's car through a plate glass window, and I just met the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Nick, shoot me now, brother. Day's never gonna get any better than this."
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Chanieman Chanieman 4 February 2012

My Server

I haz a server! direct connect is and the name is gamemusic's server

GameMusic is my person, btw :P

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